All the following chain emails circulated as email or were posted on online forums on varying topics.
Supplemental to the Paper Chain Letter Archive.

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  Early email chain - exact transcription of a paper chain. Archaic email formats.
e1994-03_dl_degroda_q20.htm    Based on DL luck type. With ASCII totems.
e1995_paul_parody.htm    Letter from apostle Paul - parody.
e1995-05_why-golf-media.htm   "Why ask why" and "Play golf" with media chain letter.
e1995-09_dl_diana-li_q10.htm    "Diana Li" type with ASCII totems. Ten copies.
e1995-06_post_extinction.htm    Prediction of demise of paper chain letters, 1995.
e1995-09_dl_diana-li_q10.htm  By "Diana Li, a missionary from Asia". ASCII totems as above. Based on DL type.
  Like the paper
Romance Game type with poem.
e1995-11_india_q13.htm   Luck & bad luck, allegedly from India. Thirteen copies.
e1995-12_gift_media-cl.htm   Humor -  "The Gift" story. With media chain letter at end.
e1996-02_dl_diana-li_q10.htm     Another Diana Li.
e1996-04_42-reasons-no-sex.htm    Humor, with request for forwards at end.
e1997-01_petition_npr.htm    Petition  for funding of NPR and PBS.
e1997-06_dl_haw-totem_q10.htm     Good luck - ASCII totem - just one spearman.
e1997-11_frog_media-cl.htm    Magic frog legal defense joke.
e1999-01_frog-clintn_media.htm      Magic frog legal defense joke with Clinton added at end.
e2001-02_m_as-seen-on-tv.htm    Email money chain letter.
e2014-02-21_GreatQuotes_BCC-q20_n2.htm  Email chain solicits inspirational text. Two email addresses on list. Asks for 20 copies BCC.
e2014-02-05_CollectiveExchange_n2.htm  Cognate to "GreatQuotes" entry here. More general subject name. Some other differences.
e2016-02-18_CollectiveExchange_BCC-q20n2d2.htm Another "Collective Exchange".  Affirmation note at end. 

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