Money chain letter. Send-a-dime. "This charm ..." From the Gladys Dawson horde. U.S., 1935.

                                  Prosperity Club
                              (In God We Trust)

Mr. John Christmann                75 Kalamath St.               Denver, Colo.
Mrs. Elizabeth Marker           Oneida Avenue               Warren,  Pa.
Miss Jean Findley                   513 23rd St.                 Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Mr. Henry G. Woodall            515 23rd St.                 Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Miss Gayle E. Riddle             R.D. #2                         Willard, Ohio

               Faith                     Hope                    Prosperity

      This charm was started in the hope of bringing
prosperity to you.
      Within 3 days, make 5 copies of this letter.
Leave off the top name & address and add your
own name & address to the bottom of the list.
Then mail one copy of this letter to each of 5 of
your friends, to whom you wish prosperity
to come.
      In omitting the top name send that
person 10¢ wrapped in paper as a prosperity
     In turn as your name leaves the top of
the list you will receive 15,625 letters
with donations amounting to $1,526.50.
    Note: Is this worth a dime to you?
    Have the faith your friend had and this
charm will not be broken.

Handwritten in black ink on an 8 1/2 by 11 inch unlined sheet. In an envelope postmarked on Oct. 7, 1935 in Willard, Ohio. Addressed to Miss Gladys Dawson, 121 Thurston Ave., Bowling Green, Ohio. Return address: Gayle Riddle, Willard, O. Lines preserved as above. No errors in text.
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The Paper Chain Letter Archive            Chain Letter Evolution.

The Gladys Dawson hoard.  (gd)
Five items were enclosed in an envelope addressed to Gladys Dawson of Bowling Green, Ohio.
(1) The above Send-a-Dime money chain letter
(2) a personal letter from Gayle Riddle to Gladys dated  Oct. 6, 1935
(3) an undated handkerchief exchange chain letter from Gladys, xe1935-10-07gd_handk_s1n4q4
(4) a handkerchief exchange letter probably from Miss Leona Gurney of New Haven, Ohio, xe1935u-gd_handk_s1n4q4_quick
(5) a handkerchief exchange chain letter probably from Mary Ellen McQuown of Willard, Ohio, xe1935u-gd_handk_s1n4q4_long.
We call these four chain letters the Gladys Dawson horde (abbreviated "gd" in the file names, after the date).