Exchange chain letter. Handkerchiefs. Part of the Gladys Dawson horde. U.S., 1935.

Mrs. Jessie Hutchinson, Bradner, Ohio
Mrs. M. E. Peterson, Bradner, Ohio
Miss Alvada Harman, Forest, Ohio
Mary Ellen McQuown,  407 Kauty St., Willard, Ohio
     This chain was started in order that you
might get a collection of handkerchiefs.
     Make 4 copies of this letter & within 3
days send to 4 of your friends whom
you wish to receive hankies. Omit the
top name & address, send that person a
hankie. Then add your name & address
to the list.
    When your name reaches the top you
will receive 256 hankies.
    Isn't that worth a hankie?
   Have faith in your friends & this chain
will not be broken.
    If you do not do this return the letter
to the name at the bottom of the list.

Handwritten in blue ink on a 5 3/8 by 7 7/8 sheet of unruled paper. Probably placed in an envelope mailed from Willard, Ohio on Oct. 7, 1935. Lines preserved. Part of the Gladys Dawson horde, see me1935-10-07gd_sd_charm for more information. Entered by DWV, 08/13/2008.


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