Exchange chain letter. Handkerchiefs. From the Gayle Dawson horde. Quota four, four names, send one. U.S, 1935.

               Handkerchief Club
Ilma Maddox   R.D. 2     Richwood, Ohio
Evelyn Austin   R.D. 2    Willard, Ohio
Mrs. Gordon Austin,   Hayes Ave.,    Willard, Ohio
Gayle Riddle   R.D. 2     Willard, Ohio
     Omit the first name. Send that person a hand-
kerchief. Make 4 copies of this letter adding
your name to the bottom of the list. Send to
four friends. In turn, as your name comes
to the top of the list you will receive 256 handkies.
                                Please do not break the chain.

 Handwritten in black ink on a 2 5/8 by 7 1/4 inch piece of unruled paper. This is apparently one of four copied vertically - cut or tear marks are present on the bottom margin (only) of this one. Contained in an envelope postmarked on Oct. 7, 1935 in Willard, Ohio. Addressed to Miss Gladys Dawson, 121 Thurston Ave., Bowling Green, Ohio. Sic "handkies". This is one of four chain letters (the Gladys Dawson hoard) contained in the envelope. See me1935-10-07gd_sd_charm for more information. Entered by DWV, 8/13/2008.


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