Exchange chain letter. Handkerchiefs. Part of the Gladys Dawson horde. Send one, four names, four copies. U.S., 1935.

                  Handkerchief Club
                "In Faith Believing"

Mrs. E. Johnson, 410 Myrtle Ave. Willard, O
Mrs. E. H. Grose, 702 Park St.             "       "
Mrs. D. G. Dawson   R. D. #2               "       "
Miss Leona Gurney, New Haven, Ohio

    Omit the top name, send
that person a handkerchief.
Make four copies of this letter
adding your name to the
bottom. Send or give to four of
your friends. In turn as
your name reaches the
top you will receive
handkerchiefs.  Please do
not break the chain.
    Do as quickly as possible.

Handwritten in pencil on a 5 5/8 by 8 7/8 sheet of ruled paper. Probably placed in an envelope postmarked Oct. 7, 1935 in Willard, Ohio. Part of the Gladys Dawson horde, see me1935-10-07gd_sd_charm for more information. Entered by DWV, 8/13/2008.


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