If you possess anonymous paper letters protesting media abuses, past or present, I may wish to include them here. Please email me first. I am particularly interested in objections to egregious false advertising, exploitation of children, and absurd religious propaganda. Do not send letters that threaten violence or are libelous. No names, please.

My first three examples are from a virtual organization called the "Self Appointed Nonviolent Truth Avengers", whose acronym is "SANTA".  SANTA specialized in punishing media abuse of children with trademark parodies disseminated orally or with graffiti. There was a recommendation to place graffiti, signed "SANTA", in playgrounds.

(1) Protesting a product placement in the 1982 movie ET.

(2) Protesting a 1987 TV advertisement by the US beef industry.

(3) Protesting the 1992 CBS TV special Ancient Secrets of the Bible.

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