Anonymous protest letter. Original was hand printed using a felt tipped pin. Some reformating. US, 1987..

                                                                                                      June 11, 1987

DEFENDANT: The U.S. Beef Industry

PRESIDING: The Self Appointed Nonviolent Truth Avengers (SANTA)

CHARGE: Deceptive Advertising

EVIDENCE: An industry sponsored television advertisement states: "I know some people who don't eat hamburgers ... But I'm not sure I trust them."

FINDING: Though done with implied jest, this advertisement is patently deceptive - especially to children. Since the defendant's indiscriminate use of antibiotics manifests dangerous unconcern for the health of both children and adults, punishment is deemed justified.

(1) The slogan: "EAT BEEF FOR HEALTHY ZITS", optionally signed "SANTA", to be written in fifty public locations over the next year.
(2) Twenty copies of this letter to be mailed to institutional and random addresses.

REVIEW: SANTA is constrained to nonviolent, truthful, and satirical vengeance for corporate mistreatment of children. Though the above slogan is not deemed confirmed, it is supported by testimony and stated with jest. Hence it is ruled appropriate to the offense and within the charter of SANTA.