Luck chain letter.  Flanders-Prosperity type.  Fl: linkage, circumnavigation, recycle. Pr: testimonials, titles, controlled list.  US, 1939.

The good luck of Flanders was sent to me, and I am sending it within 24 hours. This chain started by an American officer in Flanders and is going around the world, and the one who breaks it will have bad luck. Send this copy and four others to the people whom you wish good luck. Do not keep this letter.
Mrs. Gay Field received $5,000 after mailing.
Dr. Nevin broke the chain and lost everything he had.
Good luck to you and trust in God. He who suffered our needs.
This brings prosperity to you in four days after mailing.
Do not send money.
Cross the top name off the list and put yours on the bottom.

[List of some of the names present:  R. G. Allen, B. C. Low, E. L. Green, Reno Stinson, J D. Merchant, H. M. Phillips, P. J. Thurston]

From: Pampa Daily News (Pampa, Texas), 1 Nov. 1939. The line "Good luck to you and trust in God. He who suffered our needs" was given by the author of the newspaper story at the end of the article, citing is as "one line that we like." Where it appeared in the chain letter was not stated. We have placed it based on cognate lines in other Fl-pr letters (1939-07 and 1940-05). Author said he was just giving the names, on the list, of people who lived in Pampa.  Entered by DWV, Dec. 9, 2013.


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