Luck Chain Letter.  Flanders-Prosperity type. "Good Luck of Flanders".  Controlled list - names & towns (18).    US, 1940.
The Good Luck of Flanders was sent to me and I am sending it out within 24 hours. This chain was started by an American officer in Flanders and is going around the world four times. Anyone who breaks it will have bad luck. Copy this and see what happens four days after mailing. It will bring you good luck. Send this letter and four others to whom you wish good luck. Do not keep this letter.
Mrs. Grayfield received $5,000 five hours after mailing. Mrs. Ambrosea received $4,000 four hours after mailing. Mr. Cruise broke the chain and lost everything he had.
Here is infinite proof of this progress. Good luck to you and trust in God, He who suffers our needs. This brings prosperity to you four days after mailing it. Do not send any money. Cross off the top name and put yours at the bottom.

[List of 18 names from: Oklahoma (8), Texas (2), Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan (6)]

Published: Madison Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin), May 6, 1940, p. 9.  All Around the Town by Madge Yohn. "It is called the 'Good Luck of Flanders'. The idea is to send it to far-off friends so as to get it planted in many different sections at once. Here's the letter as sent to us by Dr. C. O. Danielson of Niles, Mich. ..."  Towns (or just states?) must have been on list - edited off. Entered by DWV, Jan. 22, 2014.


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