Luck chain letter. Flanders type with Prosperity fragment below. Controlled list (not given). Early "Do not send money."  US, 1939.
 The good luck of Flanders was sent to me and I am sending it on to you. Copy this and send it within twenty four hours.

This chain was started by an American officer in Flanders and is going around the world four times. The one who breaks this chain will have bad luck.

Send this copy and four others to whom you wish prosperity. Do not keep this copy. It must be mailed within twenty four hours after receiving.

Mrs. A- received $400,000 eleven days after mailing. Mr. N- broke the chain and lost every thing.

There is a definite power for good to all those who say this prayer: "Good luck to you and trust in God; may God bless you in everything you think, say or do.

This brings prosperity four days after mailing. Do not send money. Omit first name on list and add yours at the bottom.

[list omitted]

Published in The Evening Standard, Uniontown, PA on July 12, 1939, p. 8.  Found by using A list of names and towns is omitted, probably six to eight names, at the bottom of the text. Original format is unknown. This appeared in a regular column by Dale Carnegie, and began: "Here is a type of letter known to all of us."  Entered by DWV on 11/2/2013.


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