Luck Chain Letter. Derived from a French letter. Masonic header & ancient prayer. Three testimonials (WWL).  US, 1930.
Dear Brother:
In compliance with a Masonic request, I am passing on to you as one of my nine brothers, the following:
   God, I implore Thee to bless All mankind and bring us to dwell with Thee.  
   It was said by Masons in ancient times that all who did not pass along this prayer would be in danger of misfortune. Be good enough therefore to copy and send to nine brothers of this fraternity, and on the tenth day you will come to great happiness.
   Good Luck -- Good Health
Do not break the chain, make nine copies of this letter and send them to persons with whom you are acquainted and to whom you wish luck. This chain ws started by a colonel in the American Army in France and must go three times around the world without a break. It is translated in all languages. Send your copies within twenty-four hours after the receipt of the present and do not break the chain. In the eight days which follows the one on which you have sent the nine copies (count the days) a happy event awaits you and if you do not send the copies you will be unhappy
Mr. Doubuilich Leta owes his fortune to the fact that he did follow the above instructions.
Mr. Deasespyde Gubiaco Victoria, eight day he did obtain the first prize in the National Lottery.
Mr. Francoisque Mentlelou did not take this seriously and says his firm went bankrupt nine days after receipt of the present letter.

Published: Lebanon Daily News (Lebanon, Pennsylvania), 25 February 1930, p. 4. Title: "Masonic Chain Letter Pest Annoys Lebanon." "Most of the members of the fraternity here regard the letter and its veiled threats of 'bad luck' as a kind of 'hexerel'. Others are complying with the request to send more letters as a kind of joke, to 'kid' their friends." "The names on some of the Lebanon letters look like a list of  prominent families here." Likely translated from a French letter, see 1928. Like 1930-01. Entered by DWV, Nov. 30, 2013.


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