Luck chain letter. Derived from a French letter. Four testimonials. Deadline 24 hours, wait 8 days.  US, 1930.
Do not break the chain. Make out nine copes of  this letter and send them to the personnel with whom you are acquainted and to whom you wish luck. This chain was started by a colonel in the American army in France and must be sent three times around the world without a break. It is translated in all languages. Send your copy within twenty-four hours after the receipt of the present and do not break the chain. In the eight days that follow the one on which you sent out your copies (count the days), a happy event awaits you, and if you do not send your copies, you will be unhappy.

Mr. Rebuild Lata owes his fortune to the fact that he did follow the above instructions.

Mr. Cossus de Troppas won first prize in the national lottery.

Mr. DeAlverdyde Cuiba de Victoria, six days after, did obtain the first prize of 26,000 pesetas at Michaelbaum.

Mr. Fenique Mont DeDou did not take this seriously and saw his firm ruined nine days after the receipts of the present letter.

Published: The Indianapolis News. 31 January 1930,  p. 6. Title: "Chain Letters".  Found using "...going the rounds at the present time." Probably derived from a French letter - see 1928.  Like 1930-02. Entered by DWV, Nov. 29, 2013.


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