Exchange chain letter. Hankies. Send one, four names, four copies. England, 1951.

               Hanky Club

Within three days of receiving this
letter send a hanky to the first
name on the list enclosing your
name and address. Then write out
four copies of this letter and send
them to your friends leave off the
first address on the list and add yours
to the bottom to make four. In
return you will receive 256 hankies.
It will be interesting to see where
all the hankies come from. If you are
not in favour please return this letter
to the last name on the list otherwise
you will spoil the fun. It
costs one hanky to the first address.
This is not a chain letter. So be
a sport and join in the fun.

                    Yours Ete _  _  _  _  __

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Mrs D. Hay
943 Hertford Rd
    Walthom, Cross

Mrs W. A. Speller
943 Hertford Rd
    Waltom Cross

Mrs R Franklin
  78 Hartington Rd
       Stockton  -on- Tees
            c/o Durham

Miss M Foster
87 Westbourne St.
     Stockton -on -Tees
           c/o Durham

Hand written in pencil on 4 1/2 by 5 13/16 inch lined paper. Envelope postmarked in Stockton-on-Tees (Durham) on Feb. 13, 1951. Post mark reads: "Blood donors are still urgently needed." Addressed to Mrs S. B. Bergson, 130 Dale View Cres., Chingford, London E. 4. No return address on envelope. Envelope contained a one foot square new hanky folded four times. Apparently Mrs. Bergson sent out copies and received a reply three days later - see ie1951-02-16_hanky_response_e. Purchased on eBay. Entered by DWV, 2/9/2008.


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