Response to hanky chain.  Contained hanky. England, 1951.

 Mrs. E. Wastill                             Hankie Club.
    78, Hartington Road
       Stockton -on- Tees.
            Co. Durham.

Handwritten in ink on lined paper 5 3/8 inches wide and torn off horizontally. Postmarked in Stokton-on-Tees (Durham) on Feb. 16, 1951. Contained a new hanky a little over 1 foot square and folded four times. Addressed to Mrs S. Bergson, 130 Dale View Crescent, Chingford, London  E.4. No return address on envelope. See xe1951-02-13_hankies_s1n4q4_e  for the hanky exchange chain letter received by Mrs. Bergson and apparently sent out by her to Mrs.Wastill who has responded as above a few days later. Both purchased on eBay. Entered by DWV on Feb. 9, 2008.


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