Pyramid Scheme. High Fidelity. Ten tier, $1 ante, quota two letters. US, 1935. 

                      HIGH FIDELITY

This chain was started in the hope of guaranteeing every participant
a nice little nest egg.

Make two copies of this letter and personally hand them to two of
your friends.Under no circumstances shall you let any one have a
copy without witnessing with your own eyes the carring out of the
following instructions by the two whon you give the letter.

Send One Dollar to the person whose name appears at the top of the
list,leaving that persons name off,and adding your own to the bottom
of the list. As your name leaves the top of the list you will receive

         G.S.Pannick         34 Grove St.           Clifton,N.J.
         Stuart S.Asselin    255 Franklin Ave.      Hasbrouck Hts.N.J.
         Hellen Asselin      255 Franklin Ave.      Hasbrouck Hts.N.J.
         W.H.Barton          291 Valley Blvd.       Wood-ridge,N.J.
         Ida S.Barton        378 Innes Rd.          Wood-ridge,N.J.
         Ray Neff            291 Valley Blvd        Wood-ridge,N.J.
         E.Genthner          479 Marlboro Rd.       Wood-ridge,N.J.
         Theodore Fischer    479 Marlboro Rd.       Wood-ridge,N.J.
         K.Stoveland         II65-73rd St.          Brooklyn,N.Y.
         F.Rose              8003-IIth Ave.         Brooklyn,N.Y.

In presenting this letter to your friends take them an envelope
stamped and addressed to the person whose name appears at the top
of the list,and see that he or she mails a Dollar wrapped in paper,
before letting him or her have this letter.

               THIS GUARANTEES YOU $1024.00

Don'T Mail This Letter,You Must Witness The Carrying Out Of The
Above Instructions Or The Chain Will Be Broken.

The above persons are people who have faithfully carried out the
details of the letter in full,and if you do likewise there is no
reason why you can't realize the $1024.00.


Typed on standard sized sheet of paper, folded three times. No envelope or date. Probably circulated a couple weeks after Kansas City version [1935-05-09]. Keystrokes preserved. Sic "carring", "whon", many omitted spaces. Ebay lot 2113649051 purchased by D. VanArsdale on 6/22/02 for $3.00. Provided by Bullock Runge.


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