Money chain letter. Send-a-dime. Asks return if no play.  Part of the ACL hoard. Savannah, Ga., 1935.
                                              PROSPERITY CLUB

                                            IN GOD WE TRUST.

P. J. Roberts, 1107 East 33rd. St, Savannah, Ga.

J. B. Thomas, P. O. Box 528, Savannah, Ga.

M. E. Warren, 140 Whitaker St, Savannah, Ga.

W. X. Smith, 709 East 39th St, Savannah, Ga.A.

R. M. Thomas Jr., 317 East Waldburh St, Savannah, Ga.

J. M. Poole, 315 East Waldburg St, Savannah, Ga.

      This chain was started in the hope of bringing prosperity to you,

within 3 days make 5 copies of this letter, leaving off the top name and

address and adding your name and address at the bottom of the list, and

send to 5 of your friends to whom you wish prosperity to come. In omitting

the top name and address send that person 10 cents wrapped in paper as a

CHARITY donation. In return as your name leaves the top of the list you

should receive 15,625 letters with donations amounting to $1,562,50

IS THIS WORTH A DIME TO YOU? Have the faith that your friend had and

the chain will not be broken, if you are not willing to carry out this

work please return this letter to the last person on the list so that

the chain will not be broken.

Carbon copy of typed original. Lines preserved. Provided by Jim Fisher, Charleston, S.C. From the files of the old Atlantic Coast Line Railroad (ACL). J. M. Poole, the last name above, was an employee of the ACL (see ce1950-02_taft...). DWV.

This was one of 13 items from a 1935 Atlantic Coast Line railroad file, the "ACL hoard." These are designated by "rr" after the date in the archive filename.


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