Money chain letter. Send-a-dime (dollar). Return if no play. Tourist plugs. The "ACL hoard." Florida, 1935.

                     Prosperity Club
                     In God we trust

Mrs. Bessie Christian    Box 111  Ocala  Fla
Mrs D. R. Holland    921 W. Yonina St.      Ocala  Fla
Mrs Robert D. Yancey    929  W. Yonina St.    "      "
Robert D. Yancey   Box 121   Baldwin   Fla
A. C. Mc Glew   Box 746   Lake City   Fla
O. H. Levings  Lake City   Fla

        HOPE        FAITH        PROSPERITY

This charm was started in the hope of bringing prosperity
to you.
Within three days make five copies of this letter, leaving
off the top name and address and adding your name and address
at the bottom of the list and mail to five of y our friends
to whom you wish prosperity to come.

In omitting the top name, send that person One Dollar ($1.00)
warpped in paper as a prosperity donation.

In turn as your name leaves the top,you will receive 15,625

                    IS THIS WORTH YOUR DOLLAR?

Have faith in your friends and this charm will not be broken.

NOTE:If you are unwilling to carry out this work,please return
this letter to the last person on the list,so that this charm
will not be broken.

Enjoy your prosperity money in Florida by visiting Ocala and
Silver Springs.

[....................................................... note on back ................................................]

                                   Albany, Ga., May 19, 1935.


             Here is a little note book and pencil put out

by Yancey Tractor Co., that I thought might come in handy to


   Also the latest chain letter.

Text of letter is fuzzy carbon copy. Names handwritten in black ink in same hand. Typed keystrokes preserved. Note on back typed with handwritten PS. I am taking the date on this as circulation of the obverse chain letter. Note that two Yanceys signed on the chain letter.  Donated by Jim Fisher, Charleston, South Carolina to D. VanArsdale.

The ACL hoard (rr).
The above letter is from a file, closed in 1935, assembled by the railroad police of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. The ACL  merged with the Seaboard Coast Line in 1967 and both are now part of the CSX Railroad (1998). Jim Fisher, of Charleston, S.C., was cleaning out the files when he saw one of my ads for chain letters and sent the items to me (DWV). The file contained ten money chain letters, two parodies of money chain letters and an office humor item ("That leaves you to do the work").  All date from mid 1935. The chain letters circulated mostly in Georgia and Florida and show close relationships. Items from this "ACL hoard" are designated by an "rr" after the date in the archive file name.


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