Money chain letter. Send-a-Dime. Printed. Asks return if no play. From the ACL hoard. Waycross, Ga., 1935.

      "In God We Trust"
   This charm was sent in the hope
of bringing prosperity to you.
Within three days make five
copies of this letter, leaving off
the top name and address and
adding your name and address at
the bottom of the list and mail
to five of your friends to whom
you wish prosperity to come.
   In omitting the top name, send
that person ten cents ($0.10)
wrapped in paper as a charity do-
nation. In turn, as your name
leaves the top you should receive
fifteen thousand, six hundred and
twenty-five (15,625) letters with
donations amounting to $1,562.50.
NOTE:    Is this worth a dime to
          Have the faith of your
          friends and this charm will
          not be broken.
NOTE:    If you are unwilling to
          carry on this work, please
          return this letter to the last
          mentioned on the list so
          that the chain w ill not be


Name                                           Address                                City

Miss Miriam Curry                619 Owens                         Waycross, Ga.
Miss Mary V. Bennit              623 Owens St.                    Waycross, Ga.
Mr Charley Lightsey              1030 Albany Ave.              Waycross, GA.
D. L. Laughinghause Sr.,       1026 Albany ave               Waycross, Ga
Mrs. W. C. Gardner               P.O. Box 302                     Waycross, Georgia

Text commercially printed, columnar format, full justification, centered on standard 8.5" by 11" page. Names and addresses handwritten, not aligned as above (only five total). Line for last name and address left blank.  Lines and bold preserved. Text identical to me 1935-05u5_sd_ret_waycr. Names on both in same hand (Mrs. Gardner). Given by Jim Fisher, Charleston, S.C. to D. VanArsdale.

This was one of 13 items from a 1935 Atlantic Coast Line railroad file, the "ACL hoard." These are designated by "rr" after the date in the archive filename.


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