Luck chain letter. Ancient Prayer type. See what will happen. Jerusalem. US, 1909.

            An Ancient Prayer

O Lord Jesus I implore thee to bless
all Mankind keep us from evil by thy
precious blood, and take us to dwell in

This was sent to me by a friend copy
it and see what will happen. It was
said in Jerusalem that he who wrote
this prayer for nine time commenc-
ing the day recieved will experience
some great Joy on the ninth day. He
who will not write will meet
meet  with some misfortune
he who will write will also be delivered
from all calamities. Make a wish while
writing do not break the chain. do not
forget to write to nine friend one
each day.
   Your Friend in Christ

One page handwritten letter. Envelope postmarked in Vineland, N.J. on April 26, 1909. Addressed to Miss L. Montgomery, #321 Landis Ave., Vineland, N.J. No return address. Lines preserved. Sic "meet meet." Ebay lot 6171392699 closing 4/22/05. Copy provided by lot winner, Robert L. Schuyler. Note "Jerusalem" is later transformed to "Jesus time" (le1910-10-12_ap_stating).


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