Luck chain letter. Ancient Prayer postcard. "...stating the day received..."  "...Jesus time..."  US, 1910.

An Ancient Prayer.

Oh! Lord I implore thee to bless all mankind. Keep us from all evil and take us to dwell with thee eternally.

This prayer was sent to me it is being sent all over the world. It was sent in Jesus time that all who would write it and pass it on would be delivered from all calamities. Those who would not write it on would meet with some misfortune. Those who write it before nine days stating the day received to nine of their friends will on the ninth day receive some great joy. So do not break the chain.

Received Oct. 6.  Name unsigned.

Government issue postal card mailed Oct. 12, 1910 from Atwood, Ill. to Miss Marge Wharton of Atwood also. No return address. Script writing fills back. Sic "It was sent" instead of "It was said". More interesting, note "stating the day received" instead of "starting the day received." This is responded to with "Received Oct. 6." and "stating" becomes persistent. Note also "Jesus' time" instead of "Jerusalem". Provided by Dorothy Hall, Crescent City, Ill. to Dan VanArsdale. Reformatted above.


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