Parody of Send-a-Dime chain letter. "Kick in the Ass Chain." From the ACL hoard. US, 1935. 

                                      " KICK IN THE ASS CHAIN"

This chain was started to punish those who started the damn chain
letter nuisance.

Find five of these pest and give them a couple of kicks in the ass
as a charitable donation.

Next make five copies of this letter and pass out to five of your
friends whom you know would like a little punting excarsi  exercise.

If this chain is not broken there will be 15625 people with sore
asses within the next few days.

Typed on 5.5 " by 8" thin paper.  Keystrokes preserved. Donated by Jim Fisher of Charleston, SC to D. VanArsdale.

This was one of 13 items from a 1935 Atlantic Coast Line railroad file, the "ACL hoard." These are designated by "rr" after the date in the archive filename.


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