Parody chain letter (of Send-a-Dime). Scatological. "Prosperity Club." US, 1935.

                                                                  Prosperity Club

    This chain was started after the Chic sales Eight molar.
    Within three days take five sheets of very soft toilet paper.
    Pull down your drawers kneel down - make an a-one swipe stroking five times in memory of the other five Chumps on the above list.  Then send each one a soild sheet of the soiled tissue. No money involved.
    This is to prove that the chain letter Gag is a lot of ripe crap in favor of the wise guy out in Denver who started the modernistic racket and natrually will be the only wallington in the case.
    This method will be the only way to prove to some folks that all bile and chime have their own particular odor and that yours possesses an original twang the same as the guy who first pulled the chain gag.
    Have faith in your own bowels. Hope that you have a good action and charity will carry it down to the river and feed the poor fish who know Better than to send dimes in the mail

                                                                Lucy Bowels

Notes (DWV, 4/1/2004).
Charles "Chic" Sales was a stage actor whose 1929 book "The Specialist" was about an Urbana, Ill. carpenter (Lem Putt) who specialized in building outhouses. The book sold over a million copies, and "Chic Sales" became a synonym for "privy." "Molar" is likely a corruption of "holer."  [outhouse museum]

I have not been able to trace the meaning of "wallington" as used above. Wallington is a city in New Jersey.

The name "Lucy Bowels" appears on the later "Fertilizer Club" parody [ je1971-12_fertclub_3267.htm ]. The name also may have been used during the Minstrel Show era as a gag submission to a "Miss Louisville" contest sponsored by a visiting minstrel show (story related in 1947 - dead link). "Lucy Bowels" was recorded as the name of a real person, for whom a letter of dismission was written by a church in 1878. However "Bowels" is probably a transcription error for "Bowers."

Handwritten in pencil on 9" x 6" unruled paper. No envelope. Sic "soild", "molar", "natrually". Found in a book. Paragraphs preserved. Provided by Linda Haas. Ebay lot 2232865529. Entered by DWV, 4/1/2004.


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