Chain Letter Parody (published).  Fertilizer Club.  US, 1971.

Dear Friend:

  This letter is being sent to you because we know you are critically interested in chain letters.

  This letter is fertilizer club and will not cost you one cent to join.  Upon receipt of this letter go to the top address on the list and shit on the front lawn.  You won't be the only one there so don't be embarrassed.

  Then make five copies of this letter and send to five of your best or worst friends.  You won't get any money or checks but within one week, if this chain is not broken,  you will have 3267 people crapping on your lawn.

  Your reward will come next summer -- you will have the greenest lawn on the block . . . and no neighbors.

1. Mr Harry Butts             936 Corn Cob Alley
2. Mrs. Lucy Bowels         36 Bed Pan Court
3. Mr. Smelly Hind            583 Vierrech Ave.
4. Miss I. P. Freely            906 Constipation Blvd.
5. Mrs. C. Howie Farts     473 Fertilizer Way

From Barrick, Mac E. "The Typescript Broadside." Keystone Folklore Quarterly, Spring, 1972, p. 32. "An identical letter with the same names at the end, but with the word 'shit' substituted for 'crap' was posted on the bulletin board of a computer center in Carlisle during December, 1971."


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