Within the horizontal lines below is the exact and complete transcript of a dream and two commentaries on it, as recorded on Aug. 26, 1971 in New Port Richey, Florida. A few minor corrections have been made. A brief current comment concludes. This is linked to from Paranormal Journal.

DREAM - 4 AM.   I am a leader - or usually just a working member - of a construction crew that is erecting a sky-scraper in an ancient town in the Middle East someplace (Turkey?). The town's name is "Selechrine" (pronounced 'Selekreen") and it is an archaeological site of an ancient city (later ascertained to be early Christian or Byzantine). Its main feature is a labyrinth of vast tunnels and underground churches. The new construction is understood to be a hotel for tourists - though there are virtually no people presently living at the site. I am not pleased at the desecrative overtones of the work that is being done at Selechrine (there are other "improvements" such as roads & other buildings).
     I am on the 15th and top floor of the uncompleted building; the floors are not in, but others and myself move about, unconcerned, on the girders high above the ground. Now I instigate (or am part of) an unethical plot to bankrupt another contractor working on the building. Some incident is created (forgot) to give an excuse to demand immediate cash payment for money he (the leader of the other working crew - the subcontractor) has borrowed from us or owes us for services. The idea is to acquire all the work he has done for a fraction of its value. I have a key part in this unfair scheme by inspecting and criticizing work done (welding of a flat platform on the top floor). After doing this I demand payment. He is understood to be a very good man. But he is annoyed by my demand for the cash. Soon he returns and throws down about a dollar in change! I had been expecting the cash to be a great sum - so great he couldn't produce it. But this amount seems to satisfy me - and I feel shame for my part in the scheme. Work resumes on the building. Now considering myself just a humble member of the other crew, I descend from the building and enter the tunnels.
     [This phase of the dream is somewhat distinct and more interesting than the above]. The tunnels are perhaps 50 ft high - and further down them I will find high vaulted chambers like underground cathedrals. I think of the enchantment of them - wonder at their antiquity, but Christian symbolism makes me think "they are not so old after all." I am in a tunnel that slopes gently down. I have been told that one can find many pottery chips here. But the floor and all soil is very damp - too wet to dig in I think. I pass a small grotto on my left which contains small mounds, each with a pottery chip stuck in it facing the main tunnel. The display reminds me of a graveyard but the little mounds are only about fist size. The potsherds contain some beautiful designs - many have writing that I have never seen before though it is reminiscent of a squared Arab style alphabet - [five characters here] - or perhaps more like Sanskrit without the unifying bar at the top of the letters. Now I begin to see the vast underground chambers - all made with stone - their interiors dilapidated and worn - damp and in shadows - but always the overhead vaults are secure. Projecting stones appear on the floor. I have turned about now and am returning to the surface. In an underground cathedral on my left I see a robed man and wonder if these holy places are still being maintained. Continuing upward, soon a man overtakes me from behind and talks to me (always slightly behind me and out of sight). He speaks of his regular long walks in this and other tunnels. I don't speak for some time - and I wonder if he is a denizen of these regions - perhaps some occult figure. But now he mentions he is working on other tourist buildings in the area - a complex called "Futurama." The name strikes me as corny commercialism and I am a little disappointed. Now he mentions that he wondered about me - thought that perhaps I was some strange mystic inhabitant of these catacombs. The idea is flattering for so would I prefer to be than in my present job. Now I notice I have missed and walked by the upward pathway from the tunnel to the building I am working on. Though I am in an unfamiliar part of the tunnel - and I feel I must return to the surface - the two of us walk on silently and I have little concern. END

[I wake up at 4 AM - e.g. return to the surface - first part of dream was uninteresting and unpleasant but in keeping with honesty of these records I present it in detail. The underground scene was similar to another dream - little analysis comes though I feel dream is significant. Perhaps it says - "the contents of the hidden parts of your mind - the secret hopes and forgotten beliefs - are more Christian than perhaps you wish them to be."]

8/26/1971, afternoon.
Amazing coincidence (?!)  The Selechrine dream (dream #1 of previous night) was strikingly prophetic. The next morning, after
recording the dream at about 10 AM, at about noon, my mother suggested I look at an issue of Aramco World that had some pictures of birds. I had not seen this magazine before (May-June 1971 issue). Taking it up I noticed an old friend, B.T., had an article - The Caves of Cappadocia. Turning to this I read through it without much thought until I came to a sentence about the "imitation of Byzantine architecture ... arches, vaults, and domes " - all underground! Then I realized the amazing parallel with my dream - the dream had underground "cathedral" - Byzantine - in Turkey! And a picture showed inscriptions amazingly like those I saw in the dream. Further - what of the word "Futurama" !!!
   The dictionary says "Sele" means "time" in Scottish. Also - I recall particularly I wanted to spell "chrine" with the "ch" - very close to the Greek "chronos" - time.

2010 & 2015. Lompoc, California
Journal entries for 3/26/1971 start with a pre-bedtime resolve and then the "Cappadocia" dream and a first comment, remembered and recorded at 4 AM. The "afternoon" comment above gives "10 AM", but I think this was an error, and was the time I recorded four other dreams that occurred after the Cappadocia dream. In any case, the Cappadocia dream was definitely recorded before I first saw the issue of Aramco World. Shortly after seeing the magazine, I recorded the precognitive aspects as above. The 3/2010 comment on the Cappadocia dream in Paranormal Journal is based on this. The last dream of the morning begins: "I have been a member, or the leader, of a troupe of costumed banjo players ..." This is structurally very similar to the way the Cappadocia dream begins.


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