ORIGINAL TEXT - "Blimp racers" dream, 1971. From journal, volume #3.

Between the horizontal lines below is the exact and complete text of a dream and my commentary on it, as recorded on October 1, 1971 in New Port Richey, Florida. A few minor corrections have been made. This is linked to from Paranormal Journal.

DREAM: "[Much forgotten] At times I was a girl in this dream - one that had suffered some reversal - shy and unnecessarily withdrawn from the social life about me. There was a scene where in a confused state I was being struck by a water sprinkler spray. I couldn't see well - my eyes were covered - and I knew I was wandering closer to the spray. Later I lay down on a bed in a room with light coming through shades and had thoughts of great clarity - peaceful - above the previous confusion. "There is no reason for me to withdraw into myself" I thought, and related this to the idea that I was actually not so bad looking a girl. Then someone entered my room - I didn't see him but it was a male voice telling me the "blimp racing team" at UCLA had dreamed of me and they liked me (as a girl) and would be contacting me. I was skeptical but he said it was true - he had read it in the Daily Bruin (the UCLA student paper) - all the team had dreamed of me. Some confusion re-entered my mind now as I was somewhat aware of not being a girl and not really wanting male attention. END"

COMMENTARY: Precognitive aspects!
     I awoke from previous dream and thought about it. I definitely felt it was a precognitive dream but the absurdity of a "blimp racing team," as well as the fact that I could not think of anyone at UCLA likely to contact me, both made me decide it was just some sort of sex dream (blimp = phallus). I decided not to write it down. While still thinking of it, at about 9 AM, the doorbell rang and I received a special delivery letter from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder, Colorado. I was not at all expecting to hear from them because they had returned my employment forms several weeks earlier. Note that they are located in Boulder - where I also lived and went to college (as well as UCLA). My association with the agency name has always been on the "atmospheric" and I think of people that release weather balloons, etc. Consider also that at present this is not the kind of job I would really like. Though this dream was not recorded until after receiving the letter there is no chance I imagined it - having been consciously considering it for several minutes prior to the door bell ringing. The letter was sent "air mail special delivery." Note that my unseen friend who works on "Futurama" said there would be many walks in the tunnels.
[Letters were dated Sept. 3 and Sept. 29 from R. G. Davis in Personnel]


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