Exchange chain letter (postcard). Wash rags. Send two, two names, five copies. From the Sebacher hoard. US, 1941.

       Wash Rag Club

Miss Mariah Hollrah
  R.R. 1  Box 173  St. Charles, Mo.

Miss Doris Blackhaum
  615 Monroe Str.
    St. Charles  Mo.

_   _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

    Within 5 days make
5 copies of this card and
send it to 5 friends. Send
a wash rag to both names
above.  Leave off the top name
and add yours to the bottom.
In this manner you will]
receive 30 wash rags immediately
instead of waiting till your name reaches the
top.  Do not break this
chain for it is fun
to see where they come from.

                  Doris Blackhaum

Government issue postal card mailed from Saint Charles, Missouri on Feb. 13, 1941 to a St. Charles resident (name obscured on my photocopy but known to be Dolores Sebacher). Text handwritten on back of card (vertical format).  Title underlined with dashes. Lines preserved. From the James H. Patterson "Unmailable" collection.

This is one of nine linen exchange postcards (the Sebacher hoard) all received by Dolores Sebacher from April 1940 to April 1941.


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