Exchange chain letter (postcard). Hankies. Send one, three names, four copies. The "Sebacher hoard." US, 1940.

Mrs. Hilda Rodges, Addiesvilla, Ill.
Mrs. O. W. Meyers  1027 N. 5th St., St Charles, Mo.
Dorothy Wapelhurst  705 N. Benten, St. Charles, Mo.

     Would you join my hanky club?
Make out four cards of this list omitting
the top name and send her a hanky.
Add your name to the bottom of the
list.  This must be done within
four days.

Government issue postal card mailed from Saint Charles, Missouri on April 13, 1940 to a St. Charles resident (name obscured  but known to be Dolores Sebacher). Text handwritten on back of card (landscape format). Lines preserved.  From the James H. Patterson "Unmailable" collection.

This is one of a hoard of nine linen exchange postcards all received by Dolores Sebacher, 716 N. Sixth St., St. Charles, Missouri from April 1940 to April 1941. They were received from five different friends. The items were pasted message-side forward in a scrapbook. Hence the mailing addresses and some dates were obscured, but recovered by James Patterson. These nine items (the "Sebacher hoard") have an "sb" immediately after the date in the archive file name.


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