Money chain letter. War Stamp Plan.  Send 25¢ war stamp. Five names, quota 5. US, 1942?

                      War Stamp Plan

   Buy a 25¢ war stamp and send it to the person whose
name appears first on the list. Make 5 copies of the letter
leaving the first name off and adding your own at the
bottom of the list. Mail the 5 copies to friends you think
will keep the chain. This chain has been approved by
the U. S. Postal Authorities as it promotes the sale of
War Stamps & Bonds. Approximately $781.25 in war
stamps will be sent you, if the chain is not broken.
If you think you dont want to keep this chain, please
be patriotic enough to return it to me within 5 days
so the chain will not be broken.

                     1. Mrs D. C. Cousins
                           Box 134
                              Crawford, Texas
                     2. Mrs Leon Goodwin
                            1203 Elm Ave
                               Sanford, Fla
                    3.  Mrs L. C. Vanhour
                           1008 Gregg St.
                               Big Spring, Texas
                    4. Miss Mary Francis Solona
                           San Mateo, Fla.
                    5. Miss Carolina Mc Cullar
                           4710 - 8th St. N. W.
                              Washington, 11, D.C.

[................................... extra page ......................................]

[ List of five names, grouped by large parentheses, five marks after each name]

                 Wilma Hunter                                 Wilma Hunter
                 Miss Elizabeth Kennoy
                 Mrs R. S. Canon
                 Mrs Luther Thompson
                 Mrs J C Arnold

Hand written letter (photocopy provided).  No envelope. Lines preserved. Additional page with recipient's mailing list (?). Close to me1942u_warstamp_s25cn4q5. Provided by C. Ronald Allman Sr. Entered by DWV on 2/18/2004.


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