Luck chain letter. Chain of Good Luck. Copy quota absent. Japan, 1949?

                   Chain of Good luck

   This chain of good luck was sent to me via United Press

despatch and was sent 72 hours.  It was started in Africa by a

French officer under Gen.  Degaulle and it going around the

world for the time.  The person who breaks this letter of

chain will received bad luck.  Do not keep this letter.

A private in the Philippin Army won the first prize in the

sweepstakes for complying Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt was

selected for his thired time as President of the United State

52 hours after he mail this letter, Captain Remers who broke

this chain, dies 72 hours after he received this letter.

Detective Segunda B. Villa now of the City of Baguie who

laughed at this Chain of good luck, met instant death in

accident on June 14th, 1948.

     Instructions: Cancel the first name and add your name last.

Do not return this letter.

     Important: Do not address your letter to person already on

the list.

1.  A. Nevalin           7.  Ta..Mitamura      14.  N. Kambe

2.  M Kai                8.  Fuwa              15.  N. Kosaka

3.  A. Schatchzen        9.  H. Ande           16.  S. Kamei

4.  N. Chrai            10.  Y. Takase         17.   S. Sone

5.  T. Takahashi        11.  Y. Tanabe         18.  S. Sono

6.  P.J.Maeda           12.  Y. Mutsumura      19.  M. Mizota

                        13.  T. Murase         20.  K. Aoyagi

Typewritten letter on very thin paper.  No envelope.  Keystrokes preserved above. Copy quota (12) absent (see le1949-06_cogl_q12d72_burma). This is Ebay lot 1157450463. Letter said by seller to have been "found in the Army tunic pocket of a WW2 Japanese soldier in the market place of a shopping district of Tokyo City.  Most likely captured."  But note 1948 date in text. Sic "despatch" (see le1949-06 link), "Philippin", "thired", "Baguie".  Purchased by VanArsdale on 6/24/01.  Entered 7/4/01.


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