Luck chain letter. Chain of Good Luck. Published. "...sent to me via United Dispatch..."  12 copies.  US. 1949

This Chain of Good Luck was sent to me via United Dispatch and was sent in 72 hours. It was started in Africa by a French officer of
General de Gaulle and it is going around the world for the first time

The person who breaks this chain will receive bad luck. Don't keep this letter. This must be mailed  within 72 hours after your receipt therof. A private in the Phillipine Army won fist prize in the sweepstakes for complying with this letter. Mr. F. D Roosevelt was elected President of the U.S in 52 hours after he received this letter. Detective Segundo B. Villanova met instantaneous death in an accident of June 14, 1948. Captain Abasco, who broke the chain, died in a few moments after his 72 hours were gone.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Cancel the first name and add your name to the list.  Make 12 copies and mail to your friends.  Do not retain this letter.

[List omitted]

Published: The Indian Journal, Eufaula, Oklahoma. 2 June 1949. Found using Entered by DWV, 11/28/2013.


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