Luck chain letter. Good luck type. 58 names. "Some smart fellow has started this plan ..."  Japan, India, 1925
   Some smart fellow has started this plan and I suppose all the rest
of the smart fellow will have to keep it.I am so superstitius that I am
afraid, if I do not go along,I mightlose an eye, an year or something.

But at any rate I am with others:-
             Chan.T.Costelle toEmile P. Coulon.
             Emile P. Coulon to Joseph Drettlet.
             Joseph Drettlet to Frank Sawyer.
             Frank Sawyer to R.M.Sohra.

                                       R.M.Sohra to AdmiralT.Kundoo Kurre Japan.
             Admiral T.Kundoo Kurre to Admiral Y.Yamo-to
             Admiral Y.Yamo-to to PrinceSchimidan.
             Prince Schimidan to Admiral Takechiya.
             Admiral Takechiya to Capt.J.J.R.Audo.
             Capt.J.J.R.Audo to Capt.J.J.Sakondji
             Capt. J.J.Sakondji to Comdr.N.KobashiJ.K.J.R.
             Comdr.N.Kobashi J.K.J.R. to Capt. R.F. Liu.
             Capt.R.F.Liu to Fujiyashi.
             Capt Fujiyashi to H.T.Wu
             Capt H.T.Wu to Vice Admiral E.Yshida.
             Vice Admiral E.Yshida to CaptH.Chan.
             Capt H. Chan to Capt. Yedhra.
             Capt Yedhra to Comdr E.Kamuki.
             Comdr E.Kamuki to Lieut.Col.R.Vaidivia.
             Lieut.Col. R.Vaidivia to Capt Giran.
             Capt.Giran to Capt. Lillishock.
             Capt.Lillishock to Bureau Chief N.S.Nelson.
             Bureau Chief N.S.Nelson to Director K.Humer.
             Director K.HUmer to H.Husset. --------
                                       H.Husset-to- ---- Cat.Sidon to Major Lind.
             Major Lind to Capt Winther.
             Capt. Winther to Lieut.Remen.
             Lieut. Remen to Comts S. Bickle.
             Comts S.Bickle to Prof. Lillishock --------
             ---Prof Lillishock to Bureau Chief N.S.Nelson
             ----H.Husset to Alexander Jackson.
             Alexander Jackson to Alwart soddle.
             Alwart Soddle to John Mayes.
             John Mayes to W.J.Curtis.
             W.J.Curtis to K.T.Keeper.
             K.T.Keeper to Gamen,Hydrabad.
             Gamen,Hydrabad to Major Chambers I.M.S.
             Major Chambers to Lieut. Col.N.Corry. I.M.S.
             Lieut. Col.N.Corry to Dr.Sohansingh.
             Dr. Sohansingh to N.B.Wazirchand Jehlam.
             N.B.Wazirchand Jehlam. to M.S.Dhodi Lahore.
             M.S.Dhodi to R.S.Shibunmall
             R.S.Shibunmall to Capt H.S.Dudtt.
             Capt H.S.Dutt to Capt D.R.Thpari I.M.S.
             Capt. D.R.Thpari to A.N.Bhandari.I.C.S.
             A.N.Bhandari to S.J.Singh I.C.S.
             S.J.Singh to Shahebuddin I.C.S.
             Shahebuddin to K.R.Menson I.C.S.
             K.R.Menson to C.D.Deshmukh I.C.S.
             C.D.Deshmukh to R.N.Banerjee I.C.S.
             R.N.Banerjee to C.C.Dasi.
             C.C.Dasi toP.H.Desai M.A. Bar-at Law
             P.H.Desai to N.T.Patel. India.
             N.T.Patel to Dinu G.Dasai.
             Dinue G.Dasai to K.S.Mansinhji
             K.S.Mansinhji To K.S.Jasvatsinhji
             K.S.Jasvatsinhji to The Durbas Saheb of Jasdow.
Copy this list and send it to nine people whom you wish good luck. The
chain was started by an American officer and shd. go round the world
three times.Do not break the chain, for whoever doest this will have
bad Luck. Do it within 24hours and count nine days and you will have
some great Luck. With success for you,let this go round smiling thro'
                                 With best wishes from,

                     K.S.Jesvatsinhji of Aurors


Mimeograph (?) of typing on legal size paper. Keystrokes preserved. Handwriting in black ink, in italics above. Purchased on eBay from India, 2/2013. Sic "superstitius", "shd.", "thro'", and many missing spaces. Entered by DWV, 2/23/2013.  See Corruption Examples using names from above at le1926-02_+gl+_n113_1.


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