Luck chain letter. Good luck type - internalized. Expanded linkage. Affirmation. X toY: 113 different names.  International, 1926.
 Corruption Examples by DWV.

                  MARIE   GRAS-Y-FORT
               From Vicente Finizio.......Barcelona (Spain) February 1926.

   Mr.Alexander Hill of Madrid has sent me this Good Luck Chain Letter
and I am sending it        on so as not to break the chain of good luck.
Among others I am sending it to you and ask you as I have been asked,not
to break the chain. Copy this and send it to nine persons to whom you
wish   good luck. The chain was started by an American Officer and
should go round the world three times.

   Do not break the chain,for whoever does will have bad luck. Write
nine letters and send them within twenty four hours. Count nine days
and you will have some good luck. It is positively remarkable how many
times this prediction    has been fulfilled since this chain was started.
With success for you   and yours, let us go smiling and happy through

Commander Karnelin to Commander Graef       Sid.Graumann to Harold Lloyd
Commander Graef to Ch.T.Castile             Harold Lloyd to Joseph Schenk
Ch.T.Castile to Emile Coulton               Joseph Schenk to Hiram Abrams
Emile F.Coulton to Joseph Brettler          Hiram Abrams to Dennis O'Brien
Joseph Brettler to Frank Sawyer             Dennis O'Brien to A.C.Barmann
Frank Sawyer to E.Bl.Schers                 A.C.Barmann to Arthur Friend
E.Bl.Schers to Admiral Goda (Japan)         Arthur Friend to Moe Marc
Admiral Goda (Japan)to Admiral Y.Yomanate   Moe Marc to Earle Hammonds
Admiral Y.Yomanate to Prince Schimudza      Earle Hammonds to Jack White
Prince Schimudza to Capt.Ande I.N.J.        Jack White to Mac Sennet
Capt.Ande Capt Sakoeki I.N.J.      Mac Sennet to Arthur B.Graham
Capt.Sakoeke Com.Kabajahi          Arthur B.Graham to Geo Kliene
Com.Kabajahi to Capt.T.P.I.Ju               Geo Kliene to H.B.Buchwalter
Capt.T.P.I.Ju to Capt.Jujujahi              H.B.Buchwalter to Ballard Dunn
Capt.Jujujahi to Capt.B.K.Lin               Ballard Dunn to W.T.Morris
Capt.B.K.Lin to Capt.Zu                     W.T.Morris to A.M.Taylor
Capt.Zu to Admrial Yashilda                 A.M.Taylor to G.H.Sicard
Admiral Yashilda to Capt.Chon               G.H.Sicard to B.T.Dunbard
Capt.Chon to Capt.Yodshars                  B.T.Dunbard to Arnold Watson
Capt.Yodshars to Lt.Col.Valadivia           Arnold Watson to K.B.Flersham
Lt.Col.Valadivia to Capt.Coron              K.B.Flersham to Norman P.Clement
Capt.Coron to Capt.Illionbakk               Norman P.Clement to H.T.Ware
Capt.Illionbakk to Capt.Aberblom            H.T.Ware to J.F.M'Candless
Capt.Aberblom to Capt.Hermaldin             J.F.M'Candless to J.B.Munce
Capt.Hermaldin to Com.Graef                 J.B.Munce to T.J.Read
Com.Graef to Com.Wede                       T.J.Read to T.F. O'Brien
Com.Wede to Com. Gorferg                    T.F.O'Brien to Ted Fox
Com. Gorferg to Cap.Schall de Mackadall     Ted Fox to J.B.Boggard
Capt.Schall de Mackadall to Dr.S.Sierrson   J.B.Boggard to K.C.Makenzie
Dr.S.Sierrson to Ivan Lundquist             K.C.Mackenzie  to W.S.S.Rogers
Ivan Lundquist to Kunsul Bortil Sederblom   W.S.S.Rogers to M.D.Jeffery
Kunsul Bortil Sederblom to Rev.Sker Sever Ekberg 
Rev.Sker Sever Ekberg to Rev. Valdon        M.D.Jeffery to W.D.Jones
Rev.Valdon to State Insp.J.V.Simson         W.D.Jones to H.Meggitt
State Insp.J.V.Simson to Com.Werrflinge     H.Meggitt to H.N.Roid
Com.Werrflinge to Major B.Kahr              H.N.Roid to S.R.Seaver
Major B.Kahr  to Capt.Vogelsek              S.R.Seaver to C.W.Ashburg
Capt.Vogelsek to Lt.Col.Sigrist             C.W.Ashburg to J.M.Mc.Carthy
Lt.Col.Sigrist to P.P.Widbloz               J.M.McCarthy to R.K.Stafford
P.P.Widbloz to Obstr.Von Giess              R.K.Stafford to Capt.Berry
Obstr.Von Giess to Count Van Rosen          Capt.Berry to Com.John H.Roys
Count Van Rosen to Gen.Ernst Linder         Com.John H.Roys to C.Jaeger
Gen.Ernst Linder to Capt.Ackerland          C.Jaeger to L.G.Nobles
Capt.Ackerland to Capt.Lowenhaupt           L.G.Robles to Max Ziegler
Capt.Lowenhaupt to Capt.Cannstadt           Max Ziegler to Hans Leutenegger
Capt.Cannstadt to Lt.Col.Gragath            Hans Leutenegger to Robert Schwarz
Lt.Col.Gragath to Godsiere F.M.Treschow     Robert Schwarz to E.Schwarz
Godsiere F.M.Treschow to Godsiere Egeberg   E.Schwarz to John Kirkwood 
Godsiere Egeberg to Dr.J.Hall               John Kirkwood to Henry Spire

Dr.J.Hall to Prince Sylon Kreutz            Henry Spire to I.Black  
Prince Sylon Kreutz to Composer M.Sandy     I.Black to Wm.J.M'Alister     
Composer M.Sandy to Alex.Simson             Wm.J.M'Allister to J.S.Myers
Alex.Simson  to Adolph Tandler              J.S.Myers to Erich Echt
Adolph Tandler to Fred M.Blanchard          Erich Echt to Jacques Kalifa   
Fred.M.Blanchard to Sid.Graumann            Jacques Kalifa to Alexander Hill
                                            Alexander Hill to Vicente Finizio
                                            Vicente Vinizio to  Sara Gras
                                             Sara Gras to       SARITA GRAS-Y-FORT

Legal size (8.5" by 13.5") mimeograph of typed letter. Some new typing (in red on original) and hand printing (represented by italics). In orginal the names are offset to left about a space compared to letter text (so probably cut out and pasted). Sic Nobles/Robles. No envelope. Keystrokes preserved. See retype: le1926-02_+gl+_q9n113_2.   Provided by J & L Rutherford, Australia. Ebay lot 4967815490 closing 2/20/05. Entered by DWV, 2/25/05.


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Comparison of names on two Good Luck chain letters, from 1925 and 1926.

First column:  The first 24 different names from le1925_gl+_n57_Japan-India
               (57 different names total).
Second column: Omitting the first 3, then the next 23 different names from                                  le1926-02_+gl+_q9n113_1  (The above letter, 113 different names total).
A blank space in a column means that there was no name present at that position that was comparable to the name on the other letter.

 1. Chan.T.Costelle            1. Ch. T. Castile
 2. Emile P. Coulon            2. Emile F. Coulton
 3. Joseph Drettlet            3. Joseph Brettler
 4. Frank Sawyer               4. Frank Sawyer
 5. R.M.Sohra                  5. E. Bl. Schers
 6. Admiral T.Kundoo Kurre     6. Admiral Goda (Japan)
 7. Admiral Y.Yamo-to          7. Admiral Y. Yomanate
 8. Prince Schimidan           8. Prince Schimudza
 9. Admiral Takechiya             
10. Capt.J.J.R.Audo            9. Capt Ande I. N.J.
11. Capt. J.J.Sakondji        10. Capt. Sakoeke I.N.J.
12. Comdr.N.Kobashi J.K.J.R.  11. Com. Kabajahi
13. Capt.R.F.Liu              12. Capt. T.P.I. Ju
14. Capt Fujiyashi            13. Capt. Fujujahi
                              14. Capt. B.K.Lin
15. Capt H.T.Wu               15. Capt. Zu
16. Vice Admiral E.Yshida     16. Admiral Yashilda
17. Capt H. Chan              17. Capt. Chon
18. Capt Yedhra               18. Capt. Yodshars
19. Comdr E.Kamuki                         
20. Lieut.Col. R.Vaidivia     19. Lt. Col. Valadivia
21. Capt.Giran                20. Capt. Coron
22. Capt.Lillishock           21. Capt. Illionbakk
23. Bureau Chief N.S.Nelson
24. Director K.Humer
                              22. Capt. Aberblom
                              23. Capt. Hermaldin