Wayne Morris Bell

1937 - 1968, formerly from Cassopolis, Michigan

Wayne was my best friend for a year. We were both enlisted men in the US Army and served together at Camp Howard, South Korea in 1963 (38th Artillery Brigade, Air Defense). Wayne was very intelligent, interested in everything and had a wry sense of humor. He displayed a quiet strength of character that everyone in our unit respected. I left Korea first when my enlistment ended, and came home to my wife and son and enrolled at UCLA. Wayne later re-enlisted and became a warrant officer and helicopter pilot. I managed to get a letter to him when he was recovering in Georgia from a leg wound received in Vietnam. He answered, but regretfully I delayed answering back and we lost contact around 1965.

In 1999 I tried to locate him using the Internet and discovered that Wayne had been killed in action in Vietnam in 1968. His helicopter had been shot down near Quang Tri. At that time he was serving in the First Cavalry (D/229 AHB).

I often think about Wayne and the laughter and friendship we shared. Whenever I happen to hear the song "Silver Threads and Golden Needles" it reminds me of hanging out at the canteen with Wayne at Camp Howard. That song was popular then and we both liked it. It seems profoundly unfair that I have had so many years that he did not. I am hoping someone who also knew Wayne will someday search on his name and discover this page. If so, please email me. Thanks, Daniel W. VanArsdale.     January, 2000
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David J. Brouchard's tribute page to Wayne.
Silver Threads and Golden Needles - by The Springfields.
(January, 2006)   I wish to thank those who have emailed who knew Wayne while he was in Korea or Vietnam. One veteran confirmed that Wayne died trying to help others. Knowing Wayne, this came as no surprise. The following photograph of Wayne is supplied by David Brouchard, who was Wayne's sergeant at Camp Howard.


(February 23, 2020)  I received the following link:

from Jim Reece, Photo Researcher for the Vietnam War. It contains many photos and newspaper clippings regarding Wayne Bell. 

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