The following four letters were addressed to a Miss Helen Porter in Detroit, Michigan.  They were purchased at a postcard show in 1993. I have reformatted the letters and made some minor corrections.

1. Letter from George Chesley. (Lenawee Hotel, Adrian, Michigan) to Miss Helen Porter. Postmarked
Sept. 18, 1926.

                                                                          Monday Nite
                                                                          5:30 Oclock

Dearest Helen:-
      I  have thought of you all day dear, and feel sorry for you, yes awfully sorry.
      I truly love you dear with all my soul, and with all my heart.
      I haven't much to offer you but I have a great future ahead of me, and if you will say the word that will make me the happiest man in the world.  We will be married as soon as you say dear.
      I hope dear you don't think me foolish for writing this way but I am expressing my heart and thoughts.
      I was down at school this a.m. waiting for you to tell you the same thing but I guess you  were there before me.
     Write me dear and tell me what you think of me and what you think of this little letter.  Address to my home, 5203 Trumbull Ave, Detroit.

                                             Lots of love and Kisses
                                                           Yours,  George Chesley

   x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x      long     x x x

2. Letter from George Chesley to Helen Porter (% Detroit Free Press). Postmarked on
Aug. 22, 1927.  Both the envelope and stationery is imprinted "Pennsylvania Rubber Company of America, Inc. Cincinnati Termnal Warehouse, Cincinnati, Ohio."

Dear Helen:-
     Being of the curious kind and knowing you called the office Saturday, thought I would drop you a line and see how things are going for you.  I called the Free Press Saturday about 6:00 oclock but no Helen around.  I surely would like to hear from you.  You probably don't know I have been transferred to Cincinnati as Branch Manager for my company, this taking effect the 23rd of last month.
     I just happened to be in Detroit Saturday and of course as my luck usually runs had to miss your call. However, Helen I would appreciate a letter from you telling all the things that have happened in the past year.

                                         As ever your friend,

[ Enclosed:  a business card identifying George as Branch Manager as above]

3. Letter from W. Conochie (Galt, Ontario) to Helen Porter. Postmarked on
May 30, 1930.

                                                                 29 Ainslie St. N.

Hello Helen,

       Well this is just one weekend too late.  I wish it was a week ago.   I had a peach of a time Helen, thanks to you and Fern.  I have just been to so few dances over here in the last year or so that I don't know when I have had such a good dance and such a good time as up at the Oriole Terrace.
      I hope you and Fern enjoyed yourselves.  I only wish we had had more time because we could have had a lot more fun.   I probably should apologize to you and Fern for being such a damn fool and talking so much.  But I was having such a good time.
     You can tell Fern that I am sensible at times.  You remember a little of me that way don't you?  And thanks for getting Fern for me.  She was a darn good sport and I enjoyed being with her very much.  I guess I shall write her a little note and thank her for being good enough to take a chance on a possibly drunk, blind date.  But don't you and her go comparing notes because I'm not much of a letter writer, and might repeat some of the things about her, here in this letter,  & in hers to fill up space.
      Let me know if you will be able to come over for your holidays.  Try and come, I don't know what we shall do for excitement but we will find some.
     Please write any way, soon, and let me know.


Gee I wish I was dancing with you right now.  You sure can dance Helen.

4. Letter from Elizabeth Mills (Detroit) to Helen Porter. Dated
June 15, 1931.

My dear Helen,

     I have just heard of your engagement and I want to send a note wishing you a very great deal of happiness.  You have been such a loyal and devoted daughter.  I am sure the man whom you are to marry deserves congratulations.  I am enclosing an engagement gift.  Assuming you to do my shopping for me.

                                       Affectionately your cousin,
                                                   Elizabeth Wills

June fifteenth, 1931.

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