Transcription: money chain letter. "Gold Miners Fortune." Puzzle solution chain. Stochastic. US, 1996.  Link to image below.

[Image of money bag on left and prospector's pick on right side of following three line title.]



Many experts believe this letter is destined to create more MAIL ORDER MILLIONAIRES than anything similar before it! It is also one of the easiest to copy (1 sheet, 2 sides). It is cheat proof (you must pay for the solutions to the problems before you can sell it). It is challenging (trying to solve the problems) and it is getting the best response of any letter in the past!

       It's New . . . It's Fresh . . . It's Fantastic . . . It's Totally Legal . . . And It Works!

Already there have been reported earnings of $40,000 . . . $90,000 . . $240,000 and more! And all in record breaking minimal time. And best of all THE CASH JUST KEEPS COMING IN!


If you follow the instructions exactly, hundreds of people will be sending you $5.00 bills forever, and that will make you very rich without leaving your home or making contact with people. And yes this is perfectly legal; you are selling the solutions to problems for a small fee. This is no different than selling a "HOW TO BOOK".


PROBLEM #1) . . . The miners have been trying to divide the mine into 4 equal parts (one for each of them and one for you). The mine is represented below by a six-by-six square grid containing 4 picks and 4 bags of gold. See if you can help by dividing the mine into 4 pieces. All the pieces must be the same size and shape, and there must be one pick and one bag of gold in each of the pieces. You must divide along the grid lines. [ see image for both problems].

PROBLEM #2) . . . In their leisure time the miners have been trying to solve a chess puzzle they heard about a long time ago. See if you can help. You are required to place four black queens and a black bishop in a chessboard so that they control the entire board. In other words, after the five pieces have been positioned, it will be impossible to place the white king on any vacant square without being in check. [Image: 8x8 chess board, below the board are four black queens, one bishop, and a white king]

[Between above images: images of penny in heads position to left of first name below, tails to right of second name below]

                                                            ALBERT XXXX
                                                            XXXXXXXXXX, MA

                  JOY XXXXXX
                  XXXXXXXXXX, CA


Step #1) . . . Do the good old "HEADS or TAILS" coin toss and match it to the proper coin above. Send that person $5.00 cash and a #10 self addressed stamped envelope with a note saying, "PLEASE SEND ME THE SOLUTIONS TO THE GOLD MINERS PROBLEMS". When you get them be prepared to make thousands of copies of the solutions so you can mail them the same day you receive YOUR CASH ORDERS! OBVIOUSLY THE COIN TOSS MUST BE USED TO ACHIEVE THE BEST RESULTS WITH THIS super money generating vehicle.

[................................................ page break ..................................................]

Step #2) Remove the persons name you picked with your coin toss by taping a strip of plain paper with your name and address, Typed neatly, over the name (do not cover the coin or the problems). With your name and the name of the person you didn't pick now listed, make 200 to 500 copies of this letter. The more the better for you.

Step #3) . . . Now you'll need a good Mailing List. It must be fresh, up to date and highly responsive. One that will pull LOTS OF CASH ORDERS FOR YOU! An excellent source for recent Mail Order Buyers is a list service called GENESIS MARKING, 37857 Lasker Avenue, Palmdale, CA 93550, (805)273-4647. Their list is one of the freshest and constantly maintained "prospect" list available. The wholesale cost postpaid by first class mail is only $25.00 for 200 names on peal and stick labels (200 names is their minimum). They also sell 500 names for $45.00, which isn't bad considering the quality and freshness of their lists. Not to mention, most list companies have a minimum order of 5000 names! (We are merely suggesting GENESIS MARKING as a supplier of tested Money Pulling names. GENESIS MARKING had nothing to do with this letter). While you're waiting for your labels, get your envelopes stuffed and sealed. Do not put your return address on them; it creates curiosity to get the envelope opened and the contents read.


Because what happens next is AMAZING! your letters will spread across the U.S.A. with each level mailing to another 200, and that 200 to another 200 or even more, until this MONEY GENERATING VEHICLE has reached thousands of people or more! Remember, your name will be on thousands of these letters, and people all over the country will be sending you $5.00 bills for the solutions to the miners problems and a chance to get in on this fresh new program. The $5.00 bills will come in to you indefinately. [sic]


Out of 10 million people, if only 200,000 pick your name on the coin toss and send you $5.00, you will receive $1,000,000 CASH! Although there are only two names on this letter, the odds of EVERYONE picking and removing your name are VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE! There will always be people who will pick the other name, and leave your name intact. And so your name will go on another large mail out. In fact it will never be removed! And just can't lose. I guarantee this will be the best investment you will make!

In a state lottery when 20,000,000 people play 20,000,000 lose. There's only one winner. The GOLD MINERS FORTUNE allows 20,000,000 people to pick one or the other of only two names, send that person $5.00 and replace that name with their own.


The key to success of this plan is that you must buy the solutions to the miners problems before you can sell it to others. So you can't cheat, plus your name never comes off the plan. It goes on and on FOREVER! And this is on one page (2 sided) easy to get copied, simple to accomplish program. So everyone does it just like you.

This program will work beyond your wildest dreams if you follow the instructions EXACTLY. DO NOT REMOVE BOTH NAMES, or everything will become illegal and will stop your chance of getting your share of the GOLD MINERS FORTUNE!


Printed letter (both sides, with images on one side). Envelope postmarked Boston, Sept. 6, 1996. I sent Albert XXXXl (name #1) the $5.00 requested and asked how well the chain was doing. He sent the solutions and said he had gotten about 20 replies in 6 weeks with $5 each. Problem #1 is published in 536 Puzzles and Curious Problems by Henry E. Dudeny, ed. by Martin Gardner, Scribners, 1967, p. 121.  Problem #2 was also solved by Dudeny (1857-1930), a master puzzle inventor. In Amusements in Mathematics , Dover, 1958, p. 220 he gives a solution in which one of the Queens is replaced by a rook! The solution from Hall for this problem was: Q on a8, d4, e3, f5, B on c7.

For an image of this letter (puzzle side only) see   me1996-09_puzzles_image.jpg


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