Original News Photograph - Print. The Golden Gate Chain Recirculating Club. US, 1935. 

Caption - typed and pasted on back:

    For $1.50 you get $10 -- maybe, if, as and when
the public store chain letter craze hits San Francisco,
Calif., where the "Golden Gate Chain Recirculating Club"
opened quarters.  Officers of the "club" offered a re-
turn of $10 on a $1.50 investment but admitted it
would last only "as long as the crowd holds out."  They
explained that fifty cents of the $1.50 went to maintain
the club and the remaining dollar is placed in an en-
velope with the donor's name.  Police were watching
their operations.  PHOTO SHOWS- A part of the crowd
lined up at the opening.
  CREDIT LINE (ACME)                    5/24/35

Photograph, with rights, purchased on eBay by DWV, 7/2013.  Photo dimensions: 7" by 9".

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