Original News Photograph - Print. Dollar Scramble. Glendale, CA. 5/18/1935.

Size: 6 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches. Black & White. Purchased on eBay, 10/2012. Rights obtained.

Information on the back:

(1) A blue stamp depicts an Eagle facing right with the words "International News Photos, Inc." below.
(2) An attached piece of paper with the following typed text:

14 712                    A
                                                            LOS ANGELES BUREAU              (R)

LOS ANGELES   CALIFORNIA                                 The chain letter industry was revived with a whoop in Los Angeles county. Business methods were substituted for the haphazard  "spare a dime" pleas that choked the mails here recently. It's called a "dollar scramble" now, and the public stands in line to deposit their dollar at one of the agencies springing up in many cities, in the hopes of collecting an advertised $128. The new fad was begun by a woman in Glendale, Calif. Agencies were keeping open 24 hours per day, and batteries of typists kept busy typing the letters. Authorities in some cities are arranging for prosecution of those engaged in what they term a "lottery." Photo shows: Crowd outside Glendale agency where craze was born.    5-18-35

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