Original News Photo - Print. Pyramid Craze in Springfield, MO.   May 8, 1935.

Text pasted on back of photograph (partial):


"Springfield, MO. - It was a Pot of Gold for some while it lasted. Scene is in a garage in Springfield, during the height of a "get rich quick" spree where speculators bought letters for $5.00 each and sold two copies for $5.00 each, keeping one five. This craze soon failed for lack of buyers but the gains to some of the participants attracted nation-wide attention while it lasted. Those who made sure money were the notary publics, who charged from ten cents to fifty cents per letter to notarize them. Note at right center of table man with money in hand and notary public with stamp."

Further text is torn away. The scheme also required the buyer to send $5 to the person at the top of a list of 10 names and update this list before preparing the two copies (see Springfield type.)

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