Exchange chain letter. "Button Tree." Send one button, six copies. Two names. US, 1996.
                                    BUTTON TREE

This is a Button Tree. There is no money involved, so it can be fun.

Please send a special button to the person in the top position below.

Copy and send six letters (no buttons) to six other people.

Only your name and mine will be at the bottom.

Place my name on top and your name under it.

We should receive 36 buttons. It will be interesting to see where they

come from.

If you cannot do this in 2 weeks, please return this to me:

don't spoil the fun for the rest of the "Button Folks."

Cheryl ****
xxx Maine Street
Gridley, California 95948

Cheryl ******
P.O. BOX xxx
Pine Lake, Georgia 30072

Photocopy of word processor original (large font). Names typed. Envelope postmarked on Dec. 6, 1996 in Tucker, GA. Sent to Sue Hines in Fort Worth, Texas. Return address present. Lines preserved. Supplied by Sue Hines to D. VanArsdale.


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