Exchange chain letter. "The forever stamp exchange." Send 50 stamps. International, 1996.

                * THE FOREVER STAMP EXCHANGE *

     This is probably the easiest and most interesting way to
collect thousands of stamps.  It is also fun and does not
cost more than postage!  Just send 50 different stamps to the
name at the top of the list, cross of that name and add yours
to the bottom.  Send as many copies as possible to other
people that you exchange with or those that would be
interested in joining he exchange.  Send one copy to the
person that you send the stamps to, so that the person can
get on the bottom of the list and the whole thing starts over
again.  By the time your name is in first place, you should
be getting many stamps from all over the world.  It is also a
good way to start and exchange relation!!!

Li Xiaozhu, P.R. China [cut out typing]

Arlene & Alex Feldman, Dallas, Texas [cut out typing]
                              (mint, used W.W.)

Laura Cilia, Paola, Malta [cut out typing, same font as the two above]

Jan Erik, Stavanser, Norway [cut out printing]

Smudged photocopy of typed original. The four names were (prior to photocopying) on cut out rectangles of paper, the first three typed in the same font, different from the text. The last was hand printed. Addresses omitted by DWV. Keystrokes preserved for text. Sic "and exchange relation" Supplied by Mrs. Gerarda Carlin, Duncan, BC, Canada to D. VanArsdale.


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