Exchange chain letter. "The forever stamp exchanger." Send 30 stamps.  8+ names. US, 1996.


This is probably the easiest and most interesting way to collect thousands of stamps you have ever tried. Its fun and doesn't cost more that the postage.

Just send 30 different stamps to the first name not crossed off. Cross off that name and add your name at the bottom. Send at least 5-20 copies to other collectors you exchange with, plus one to the person you are sending the stamps too. That allows themto start at the bottom again and the exchange keeps going. Plenty of space is allowed for you to write,type or stamp your address in. Feel free to include interests under your name. SO HAVE A GO AT IT AND GET THOSE STAMPS MOVING!

Seppo Makinen                       Jose Rodenas Diago
Aholantie 2                              c/Musico Hipolito Martinez 16-41
27230 Lappi T.L.                     46020 Valencia, Spain
Finland                                     Atomic & Nuclear, Music, Fish
(Holland, Baltic Sta. E.           Butterflies, Flowers, Birds
Europe & Aeroplane

W. Vandemaele                        Leanna Cousineau
G. Geyellelaan 92                    67 Quance Street
B-8540 Deerlyk                       Barrie, Ontario
Belgium                                    Canada L4N 7M4
Phonecards,stamps                  Animals, Cartoon

Patrice Bonafonte                    Margaret Cousineau
398 rue V. Hugo                       67 Quance Street
38920 Crolles                           Barrie, Ontario
France                                      Canada L4N 7M4
Beetles, ducks, turtles            Birds, Butterfliles
chess                                        Art, Flowers

Martin Tillett
2410 Fairview Drive
Alexandria, Virginia
USA 22306
Dinosaurs, Fossils, Skeletons
StoneAge Artifacts

Steven Hofman
Lijsterbeslaan 16
2960 Brecht, Belgium
Music, Composers

Photocopy of word processor original (full justification, 3 column table). Bottom two inches of letter cut off (another name and address?).   Mailed to Andrew Tumber, Pickering, ON on Feb. 20, 1996 from Canada. Names and addresses in table cells. Supplied by Tumber to VanArsdale in response to Internet inquiries. Sic on errors.


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