Exchange chain letter. Used paperback book club. Send one, six copies. Two names. US, 1995.

                               USED PAPERBACK BOOK CLUB

This is a USED paperback book club, just for fun. Please send a used paperback (of recent issue and not too badly worn) to the first name on your list. Re-do the list by:
        a. removing the first person's name
        b. moving my name to the first position
        c. putting your name in the second position

There should be only 2 names on the list at all times.

Send a copy of your new list to 6 friends who enjoy reading.
A manila envelope will mail a paperback (use book rate).

If you cannot respond within a week, please let me know to be fair to others who have participated.

There is seldom a dropout, so you should receive 36 books for the price of one. It will be fun to see where they all come from and what type of reading you are in for . . . topics that might stir up a new interest or two!

             1)  Linda ***
                     **** E. Kettle Place
                     Englewood, CO 80112

                2)  Linda ***
                     **** Sagebrush Trail
                     Littleton, CO 80124

Photocopy of word processor original. Addresses hand written. Received in 1995 by DWV.


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