Exchange chain letter. Send one dog toy, six copies. Two names. US, 1995.

                              DOG TOY EXCHANGE

Believe it or not, this is a DOGGIE TOY EXCHANGE!! A friend
passed this on to me. It works by sending a toy to the person
listed as #1, then send a letter to six (6) of your friends,
putting my name as #1 and list your name as #2. Only your name
and mine should appear on the list then you send out your six

This is not a chain letter, it's just for fun!! If you can not
do this within 7 days, please let me know, because it isn't fair
to those who have participated. A padded envelope will mail
most toys nicely. You will receive 36 DOGGIE TOYS! It's fun
to see where they all come from and the different varieties you
will receive. Remember to include your name and address, your
dog's name and breed.

Seldom does anyone drop out because we all need toys to keep our
buddies entertained. Remember 36 DOGGIE TOYS for the price of
one . . . . WHAT A BARGAIN ! ! !

[Two names and addresses followed, with breed of dog.  Deleted by provider.]

Photocopy of typed original (landscape format).  Note says mailed Aug. 1, 1995. Deleted are two names and addresses, a mother and daughter-in-law from South Dakota, with names and breeds of their dogs. Lines preserved. Collected by Preston, received from Debra Hanson.


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