Exchange chain letter. Pretty panties. Send one, six copies, two names. Canada, 1993.

                                  THIS IS A PRETTY PANTIES EXCHANGE!!

        A What? That's right, a pretty panties exchange. Send one pair of new, pretty panties (preferably sexy ones) to the person listed as #1 on the list below. Then, move my name to #1 and list yours as #2, and send a copy of this letter to six of your friends you think would love to participate.

       This is not a chain letter - it is just for fun! If you cannot do this in the next FIVE (5) days, please notify me as it is not fair to those have participated.

       A manilla envelope will mail the underwear nicely, and you will receive 36 pairs of pretty new underwear! It is fun to see where they come from and the variety you will get. Remember to include your size with your name and address.

       Seldom does anyone drop out because we all can use pretty new underwear, and it is really fun.  REMEMBER 36 PAIRS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!  I Challenge you to find a better bargain anywhere else.

#1     Angela *******                                                      # 2      Anita *****
         ** Beauregard                                                                    *** Carrick Drive
         Ste-Catherine - JC.                                                            St. John's
         P.Q.. G0A 3MO                                                                 Newfoundland, A1A 4A8

         size - large                                                                          size - extra-large

Photocopy of word processor original (full justification). Supplied by Sue Vardy to Paul Smith. Transmittal slip on back states it was received on Aug. 23, 1993. Paragraphs preserved.


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