Exchange chain letter. Postcards - kids' type. Send  1,  5 names, copy quota 6. US, 1991.

                                                       DATE 2.3-91

Dear Dan

This postcard-requesting chain letter, started by children in Germany as an educational experience, began in 1985. If it goes until 1991, it will be put into the Guiness Book of World Records. It has not been broken yet. Please do not spoil it for the rest of us.

Please send 1 postcard to the first person on the list. Copy this letter 6 times and send it to 6 friends. Each time leave off the first name and add your name in position 5. Do this within 4 days so you will not break the chain. In about 30 days you will be getting postcards from around the world.

This letter was approved by the U. S. Post Office as an educational game. You may translate this letter into another language if you need to.

Do not miss this opportunity to share a piece of your world, a part of your country, a friendly word, or an inspriatonal message, or meet a pen pal!

     1)     NEAL HERR AND CATHERINE ****    4)    RONDA  ******
             4** EAST 74TH ST #2E                                       6** GREEN ST
             NEW YORK NY 10021 USA                                LANSDALE PA 19446 USA

      2)    ANNETTE ********                                   5)   RAQUELA **************
             KLOSTERHOLZWEG 6                                       P O BOX **1531
             ***** STARNBERG-LANDSTETTEN               COLUMBUS OH 43215-8531
             GERMANY                                                            USA

       3)    CHRISTIANE *******
             PAPPELTEICH 8
             ***** HANNOVER 72                      (36 CENTS POSTAGE
              GERMANY                       TO SEND A CARD TO EUROPE FROM USA) 

Word processor original. Sent to DWV on Feb. 4, 1991 by Raquela Jamilla-Fiatte of Columbus OH. Raquela also sent an identical version with names moved up a space and a blank for my name, and this same version with an inter-linear Spanish translation. Paragraphing preserved.


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