Exchange chain letter. Send one dish towel, six copies. Two names. US, 1989.

This is a DISH TOWEL CLUB!!!!

Send a dish towel to the person listed in the #1 position below.

Copy this letter and send it to six of your friends. Only your
name and mine should appear on the list. Move my name to the
#1 position and place your name in the #2 position. You will
receive 36 dish towels!

This is not a chain letter, but a dish towel club.  If you can't
copy this letter in seven days, please return it to me....
otherwise it is not fair to those who participated.

A manila envelope will mail a dish towel nicely, and remember,
36 dish towels for the price of one!  It will be fun to see where
they all come from and if they match. Seldom does anyone drop out
because we can all use dish towels.


      #1)  Jillian *******
           8** West End Avenue
           New York, New York 10025

      #2)  Margaret *****
           8** West End Avenue
           New York, New York 10025

Photocopy of typed original. Dark horizontal lines below text and above addresses.  Stamped "Received July 2, 1989."  Supplied by the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress to VanArsdale 2/20/98.


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