Exchange chain letter. Send one recipe, two names, quota six copies. US, 1989. 


Dear Fern

Hi! This is a recipe tree. No money is involved and
it is legal.

Please send your favorite recipe to the #1 person on
the list below. Move my name to the #1 spot and
put your name in the #2 spot. Copy this letter and
send it to 6 people. Only your name and mine
should appear on the list.

You should receive 36 recipes and it will be fun
to see where they come from. If you can't do this
within one week, please return it to me so it won't be
spoiled for the rest of us.

#1  Patty *******
      *** Lyon St Apt 2
      Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

#2  Beth ********
      *** Center St. Apt. 125F
     Auburn, ME 04210

Photocopy of hand written original. "3-20-89" and "Dear Fern" whited out at start.  Added note at lower right: "This is what married people do for fun! I got my letter from my brother's girlfriend in Ohio. Hope to get some good recipes (ah, the little things that give me joy!) . . . Betty."  Lines preserved. Supplied by Fern Fryer, April 20, 1989. Collected by William Hansen of Bloomington, IN.


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