Exchange chain letter.  "Recipe tree." Send one recipe, two names, six copies. US, 1986. 

                   Recipe Tree

 This is a recipe tree. No money is involved, so it's legal
and fun.

 Please send a coy of your favorite recipe to the person
listed as #1.

 Copy this letter and send it to six people. Only your name
and mine will be on the list. Move my name to #1 and make your
name #2. We should receive three dozen recipes and it should
be fun to see where they come from.

 If you cannot do this within a week, please send it back to
me or it will spoil the fun for the rest of the gourmets.

 Thank you and happy cooking!

#1   Mrs, Faye **********

     4** S. Pine St.

     Wapakeneta, OH 45895

#2   Mrs. Marian S. ******

     P.O. Box **

     New Wilford, Pa 18834

Photocopy of typed original. Envelope postmarked Scranton, Pa., Sept. 19, 1988, from Marian S. Gramps. Added note: "Original in 'Sunshine Magazine, June 1988." Keystrokes preserved. Collected by Alan E. Mays of Middletown, Pa.


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