Exchange chain letter. Send one pot holder and six copies, two names. US, 1988.

2 Mar 88

Dear Pia

This is a pot holder club. Send a pot holder to the person listed as #1 below. A manila envelope just the thing; no trouble with the postal service that way !!

Copy this letter and send it to six of your friends. Move the #2 name to #1 and write your name as #2. You will receive 36 pot holders. It is fun and interesting to see where they come from and what kinds you get. Seldom does anyone drop out, as we can all use pot holders and it's too ridiculous to pass up.

This is not a chain letter, but a pot holder club. If you can't do this within seven days, please return this letter to me, otherwise it's unfair to those who participate (and have hot pots). Nobody needs to have burnt fingers or leave burn marks on their countertops.

Thank you.

#1       Pat *****
           *** Eventide Dr.
           Murfreesboro TN 37130

#2      Sarah P. ****
          *** C Fairview St.
         Murfreesboro TN 37130

Photocopy (gen. 1) of typed original. Paragraphs preserved. Supplied by the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress. Annotated: "March 18, 1988" on back. Received by VanArsdale 2/20/98.


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