Exchange chain letter. Send 1 postcard. Eight names, 8 copies. Folklorists. With interests. US, 1981.    

      This is a picture postcard chain for collectors. It was started by,
or at any rate has been sent to and from, folklorists. It may be part of a
very important research project. Or maybe they just like postcards.

      Send a postcard to the first person on the list relating to the
category described. Remove the name at the top of the list and add your
name to the bottom. Copy this letter 8 times and mail it to 8 friends.
You will be glad you did.

      In 18 days you will receive 200 postcards. This letter should be
mailed within 3 days or the chain will be broken. It is bad luck to break
the chain--very bad luck. Keith Cunningham thought--he just thought-- about
breaking the chain, and now he is on crutches for three weeks. If you do not
want to participate, inform the person who sent you this letter so he or
she can send it on to other postcard people.

      Do not break the chain.

Michael Owen Jones                             Old cars and trucks; people eating
Folklore & Mythology
University of California
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Robert B Klywasz                                  Ethnic
Folklore & Mythology
University of California
LosAngeles, CA 90024

Gerald L. Pocius                                     Architecture
Memorial University
St. John's, Nfld. A1C 5S7

Howard W. Marshall                          architecture, material culture, domestic
American Folklife Center                    scenes, landscapes -- especially in
Library of Congress                             Midwest and West (USA)
Washington DC 20540

Michael J. Preston                                        Anything involving visual humor,
101 Hellems - Box 226                                  jokes, ambiguity--visual puns,
University of Colorado                                  not necessarily bawdy, but.....
Boulder, Colorado 80309

Paul Smith,                                               Anything Obscene. Jokes, graffiti etc..
2A Westfield Rd,                                     (Subscriptions to Transmission and
BRAMLEY,                                                  Roomer also gratefully received)

Photocopy (gen. 2+) of typed original. Top two names barely legible. Lines preserved. Collected by Paul Smith. His letter "sent out 3-20-81." 


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